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Food processing machine design for your burrito

Food processing machines for spring roll pastry. spring roll. samosa. puff pastry. paratha. lacha paratha. green scallion pie. chapati/roti. pita bread. Chinese egg roll. Chinese hamburger (gua bao). crepe. bilini. Chinese egg pancake. peking duck wrapper. flour tortilla. burrito. piadine. Vietnamese spring roll. lumpia.

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ANKO's food processing machine design for your burrito



Hand-held take-out foods like the burrito have a long history. Before the Spanish colonization of the Americas, indigenous peoples were eating hand-held snack foods like corn on the cob, popcorn and pemmican. In Mexico, the Spanish observed Aztecs selling take-out foods like tamales, tortillas, and sauces in open marketplaces. The Pueblo people of the desert Southwest also made tortillas with beans and meat sauce fillings prepared much like the modern burrito we know today.

Cuisine preceding the development of the modern taco, burrito, and enchilada was created by the Pre-Columbian Mesoamerican Aztec peoples of Mexico, who used tortillas to wrap foods, with fillings of chile sauce, tomatoes, mushrooms, squash, and avocados. Spanish missionaries like Bernardino de Sahagún wrote about Aztec cuisine, describing the variety of tortillas and their preparation, noting that the Aztecs not only used corn in their tortillas, but also squash and amaranth, and that some varieties used turkey, eggs, or honey as a flavoring.

Automatic burrito wrapping machine BR-1500

Automatic burrito wrapping machine BR-1800
Automatic burrito wrapping machine BR-1500

Specification of automatic burrito wrapping machine BR-1500

Model No. BR-1500
Length 3500mm
Width 700mm
Height 200mm
Electricity 110V/220V, Single Phase, 0.2kw
Suitable Pastry Size 10"
Capacity 1500 pcs/hr

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