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Food processing machines for spring roll pastry. spring roll. samosa. puff pastry. paratha. lacha paratha. green scallion pie. chapati/roti. pita bread. Chinese egg roll. Chinese hamburger (gua bao). crepe. bilini. Chinese egg pancake. peking duck wrapper. flour tortilla. burrito. piadine. Vietnamese spring roll. lumpia.

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The first tortilla could be dated back to 1000B.C. Accompanied with Spain immigrations; tortilla was brought to "New World". Nowadays, tortills is not only very popular in various Spanish speaking countries in Central and Southern America, but also in Europe, the Middle East and even to the Africa.

Tortilla means "little totra" or "little cake" in Spanish; the Spanish word applies to several different food eaten in various Spanish-speaking countries.

Flatbread tortillas have been eaten formany centuries in Mexico, where they are a staple. More recently, other countries have begun producing them to serve the expatriate Mexican food, particularly in North America, Europe and Eastern Asia. Mexican torillas are commonly prepared with meat to make dishes such as tacos, burritos, and enchiladas.

Tortilla line

Tortilla line

Chapati line work flow

Specification of Tortilla line

- Dimensions Electricity
Pressing & Baking Machine(APB-2H) 1000(L) × 1050(W) × 1600(H)mm 16 KW
Infrared Tunnel Oven 7000(L) × 1100(W) × 1350(H)mm 0.75KW
Tunnel Cooling Conveyor 10000(L) × 900(W) × 1360(H)mm 2.2KW
Electricity 220/380/415V, Single/3 Phase, 50/60Hz
Diameter of product 6"(15 cm)
Thickness of product 1~3 mm
Capacity 1600~2000 pcs/hr

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