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  • pita bread
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Pita Bread

pita bread

Pita Bread is a kind of round pocket bread slightly leavened and could be filled with various foods. It’s popular in Middle Eastern and Mediterranean and North Africa cuisines, called pita, pitta or khubz. Pita bread is originated from Arabian Peninsula. It’s considered by historians as one of the most ancient breads. An Arab cookery book mentioned it in 10th century.

Pita bread is baked in a brisk oven. It is slightly leavened wheat bread, flat, either round or oval and aviralbe in size. The tenth-centery Abrey cookery book, Kitab al-Tabikh by ibn Sayyar al-Warraq, includs six recipes for khubz, all baked in a tannur, which is like the modern tandoor oven, in its Chapter 13, Historians believe its history extends far into antiquity since flatbread in general, whether leavened or not, are among the most ancient breads needing no oven or utesil for their baking. The first evidence of flat breads occur in and around Amorite Damascus.

Pita bread poduction line PT-5000

Pita bread poduction line PT-5000
Pita bread poduction line PT-5000

Specification of Pita bread poduction line PT-5000

Model No. PT-5000
Length 12500mm
Width 1000mm
Height 2600mm
Electricity 220/380/415V, 50/60Hz, 3Phase, 18.75kw
Capacity 6000 pcs/hr(Base on Dia.24cm)
Product Weight 70~115g
Pastry Diameter 18, 20, 24, 28, 30cm
Thickness of Pastry 1-3mm
Width of Dough Sheet 850mm

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