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Quality piadine | Piadina processing machine supply from ANKO

Piadine | Piadina

piadine, piadina

Piadine (the Plural form) originated in the Romagna region of Italy, in the central-North area of the country. It was originally a peasant's food, as it is unleavened, and made of a few simple ingredients.

Yes, it is very similar to the Mexican or Central American flour tortilla, both in composition and in form. They both utilize a medium-protein flour, salt, water, and some form of shortening. The tortilla traditionally uses lard, however, while the piadina generally uses olive oil. Both are rolled to the same approximate size and thickness; but the tortilla is far morecommon than the piadina. Tortillas are served with lighter fare, such as salads, or slivers of cured meats and cheeses.

Both breads are common street-vendor foods; but again, the piadina is most often seen at those sorts of carts, or in a home kitchen; while the tortilla may now be found in nearly overy kitchen, from the lowest to the most haute.

Automatic piadine wrapping machine

Automatic piadine wrapping machine BR-1800
Automatic piadine wrapping machine

Specification of Automatic piadine wrapping machine

Model No. BR-1800
Length 3500mm
Width 700mm
Height 200mm
Electricity 110V/220V, Single Phase, 0.2kw
Suitable Pastry Size 10"
Capacity 1800 pcs/hr

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